Jordan Corcoran, Founder of Listen, Lucy

Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting Listen, Lucy. Your interest and support  means the world to me. The entire point of this site is to create an outlet where people can let out and let go of what is holding them down—something I know a ton about because of my experiences. I am happy to share them with you all.

I have been living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder for years now and I have always found that the best release from my internal struggles was to write about it. Dealing with these disorders, it was always really difficult to get people who have never experienced it to understand what was happening and how life-altering and consuming it was for me. Trying to express myself seemed impossible at different points in my life, but when I took the time to sit down and write out exactly how I felt and explained myself without being interrupted or misunderstood, I slowly began to heal. I love to write. When I write and express what is happening with me, I feel like I am in control and that I am able to free myself of what I have been holding in. Although this website is anonymous, when I share my stories, I always sign my name so you all can get to know me a bit better. I am happy to share and put my face next to that struggle. I hope this makes you understand how important this project is to me. Coupled with counseling, writing gave me my happy, positive life back. It helped me learn to thrive again.

I came up with Listen, Lucy because I wanted to create an outlet where people can express themselves freely and creatively. We are all dealing with different issues and I want to create a community where people can tell their stories and feel comfortable. My mission is simple. I want to create a less judgmental, more accepting world.

Writing, art, videos, pictures, poems or any other way of expression is happily accepted. Go to our Share Your Story section to write it out or email me at Just make sure you start your story off with “Listen, Lucy.”

Happy Story Telling!