I was 10 years old when my parent's separated.

I was 10 years old when my parent's separated. My dad would not only beat on my mom, but my siblings and I as well. My sister started self harming when I was about 11, I guess I kind of picked it up from her. 

I started self harming that same year. My life down a dark road had began when my parent's separated. I began self harming, doing drugs, and drinking. On top of everything I was raped by 3 different men from the time I was 11 to 15. The judge made me live with my father even though he abused us kids. The abuse went on, and later in life I had gotten into a toxic relationship, I was about 15 when it started. I was physically abused, verbally abused, and controlled. I won't and I can't go into every detail about this man.

I stayed with him for about a year and a half. He would just show up at my door if we argued, I didn't think much of it because I saw my dad do that to my mom, and us. I was hospitalized several times because of him, and once from my father, No one cared. I had been hospitalized for self harm and eating disorders almost 10 times, and for suicide attempts 3 times. Last year around this time I overdosed, my dad told me I didn't take enough pills. I fought tooth and nail, and refused to go back home with him.

I told the doctors everything my dad and my ex and some other men put me through. At 17 and a half years old they finally listened to me, but didn't do anything to my biological father. I was put in therapeutic foster care for 3 months before my mom was able to take me home to live with her. My little brother still lives with his father and we are only allowed to see him on Sundays because I am a "threat" because I overdosed. I am now 18 years old, still in high school, getting ready to graduate and move on to college. I feel I am doing much better, I still have some hiccups but its part of recovery.

I probably missed a few things but it is okay. I met my best friend in the therapeutic foster care, she overdosed a week ago but is doing better now. I still have scars on my arm from self harming and I twitch or have reflex problems and stutter due to my over dose last year, kid's make fun of me at my new school for that, but they don't know why, and I will countinue to keep it that way.