My mom and her ex fiancé are fighting.

My mom and her ex fiancé are fighting. She hasn't offically broken up with him so he doesn't really know she's going to end the relationship. He is our only way of transport right now and we are in constant need of several doctors.

Plus he brings in some extra money we need. He is emotionally and mentally abusive to her and had an instance of physical abuse and I fear it will happen again. I still go to school but recently my grades have been slipping as I get distracted during the day thinking about what's happening at home while im gone. 

I have extreme anxiety/social anxiety, so with school I stress over it all the time, now I have more to stress over. I also used to cut and am suicidal, I got over cutting about a year or two ago but I fear with the stress it may come back. My mom's ex also has bi-polar but refuses to take any of his meds at all, and he's addicted to pain meds. 

I'm in a situation that I have to stuggle to hold back tears in school because I fear of what my happen, I get worried too much too easily but can't really stop. I've tried to use calming techniques but none have really worked so far. I don't have anywhere to go but school and home nor do I have friends to talk to. My teachers are all worried about me which is tough considering its Christmas time and it makes me feel like I'm bringing others down, a thing I hate to do anytime of the year but it being a "Cheery time" makes it worse. The time people are supposed to be happy is being brought down by me and it hurts.

I mostly just need someone to vent to but I don't really have anyone as none of my family other than my mom cares or talks to me.