“A true friend walks in the door when others are walking out.”

“A true friend walks in the door when others are walking out.”

I am thinking about this quote right now with a couple of young people that I know, in mind. 

There was a time when I was much less sure of my direction. Decisions and changes were imminent. As I know now, these changes were going to be gradual and constant -- still happening literally decades later. But, how do you start to make change? I know this – you can’t do it alone. One thing I learned is paramount in effective change is the company that you keep. Start by surrounding yourself with people that represent the change that you are trying to emulate. These people may be new or they may already be a part of your life. They will present themselves – it’s up to you to let them in!

I was a much younger man. I had some experience at being a husband and father but there still was much to learn. A major decision was presenting itself in our lives and I needed help. I decided to seek help from a special man. I didn’t know it at the time but this man would end up singularly having the greatest impact in my future. I just had to let him in.

I decided to pay him a visit. Prior to this visit, he had always been there in my life, helping – but to be honest, his quiet, consistent actions were not totally appreciated with a fully understanding mind. 

I walked into his office and saw an oversized picture prominently placed above his desk that had this quote, “A true friend walks in the door when others are walking out.” When I read that quote I instantly felt a personal change. I felt as I finally understood this great man that I had known for several decades. 
The matter at hand was a big decision that had to be made that seems less big now when I look back on it. His sage advice – “Sometimes you got to roll the dice.” These seven simple words had such a profound impact on me that I remember the setting and the tone like it was yesterday. 

Over the next several years any and every time I felt myself or my family in time of need there was one constant. This great man was always there with his words and with his actions to help lighten the load.

Two lessons that I’ve been blessed with from this incredible man:
1. When I find myself in need, look to see who’s walking in the door and who’s walking out.
2. When others are in need, check the direction I am walking.

God bless you, Lucy and God bless all of your followers!