Well, right now I'm in a psych hospital with my hair dripping wet from my shower.


Listen, Lucy: Well, right now I'm in a psych hospital with my hair dripping wet from my shower. I'm a 16 year old transgender male-to-female teen who has gone threw a lot I don't know where I should start but I guess how about when I was younger. 

When I was about 8 I started having a down spiral with my mental illness I was becoming depressed and started not enjoying things I used to. I never really had friends to begin with which was hard for only being 8 and not understanding the world. When I turned 13 I made my first friend and it was the happiest time in my life, then I became friends with not only her but her friend and we were happy it being just the three of us. But when we made it to middle school we grew apart and I started figuring myself out more and I started dressing more like a male. They eventually left due to my difference and that's when it got bad. My emotions were so messed up I gained back my depression and I had started self harming and purging almost everyday.

I had my first hospitalization that year I was admitted for just self harm not that big of a deal at least then it wasn't. I started getting older and it became worse and worse. I have been hospitalized many times this being my 7th. I honestly think I have a problem I feel as though I can't be supported and cared about unless I'm around people who go through the same things as me, it sort of became like an addiction that was taking over my life I feel like I can't be alive unless I'm here.

That's not my whole story but trust me I'll be doing this again because I honestly want people to know they are not alone I love you guys and please stay alive for yourself and me <3