Using love, playing with it, then breaking it People use me for help. 

Using love, playing with it, then breaking it
People use me for help. 

I help them when they get thrown under the bus or something hurts them or something like that. I take their problems off their shoulders and run as fast as I can with them. I never got weighed down by it though. Then one day I saw the devil in disguise. He wasn't all pretty but he was, on the outside personality, what every girl wanted. He said the right things that were the sweetest, he texted you every morning, day, and night. He was an angel with something inside. I thought people were wrong when they said he's going to use just like he used us. I should have beleived them.

He took my heart played with it then threw it away. Everything crushed me. I hit the ground fast. Nothing had ever weighed me down I always got back up but this time I thought I was dead. I cried for so long. I hadn't cried like that over anyone except my bestfriend who was dying. I thought I was going crazy. Finally everyone just left me because I didn't listen to them but one person stayed.

The person who i have loved more and longer than anyone else. My love of my life. My best friend. We have a secret love. We hide it so no one can see. We live an hour away from each other but when we talked it always felt like we were intertwined with each other. We have something special. No one knows about us but we are perfect for each other and we both think that everyday. If one would get sad the other would cheer them up right away no matter how sad they are we are always here for each other through the hardest and roughest time. We know that even through death we will still love each other. Our love is unbreakable.

My mom doesn't like him at all but that never stopped us. It's an everyday thing for a girl to think about the future with who ever she wants to live with but it's another when the guy thinks about and really wants it. It means he really cares. This is my best friend and me. We both think about the future together everyday and tell each other. We base songs off each other because they remind us of them.

There is a 1-2% chance that high school sweethearts last. I believe that we got that chance. He has already risked his life so many times for mine. I've tried to do everything I can. I help him run with his weight on his shoulders and I pick hime up when he falls. We both run as fast as we can to somewhere where no one can find us. This is my love of my life and I love him like nothing better has happened to me because it's true before he came along I was in a terrible hell hole. He fixed me and I did everything I can to fix him. He was my spirit that saved me and my life has been amazing ever since that day I met him. I love him.