I'm a teen . most of the time my exams are on my head .

I'm a teen . most of the time my exams are on my head . Just bcuz there are so many exams I don't feel like studying for any of it the place I live in a place where anyone hardly care about what I do and everyone just wants results from me.

I am feeling very depressed as almost all of my friends take me for granted . Everyone here just want profit . I can't understand what is wrong with me , I was an excellent student days back. Have scored good grades all my life , and now I just can't sit in the class.

This feeling of not getting anything is so bad that I almost wish from deep of my heart that a truck hits me before me reaching to the exam hall. I fear exams I just want to relax almost all the time and I do relax for hours and hours being fed up of study but that doesn't make me feel any better and results in a lot of loss of time and make myself feel worse.

I've been falling ill frequently with a high temp and severe body ache. I've no bad habits such as taking drugs smoking or even a boyfriend. But I feel like life's turned into shit. I just can't trust anyone. Not even my family, I'm feeling incredibly insecure and with my knowledge gone, I feel worthless now, there's nothing I can do about it, and that's the worse part. I get so engrossed in my own thoughts that I'm totally unable to understand what's going on i feel so dumb and alone that I've given up on myself.

I wish anyone could help.