Throughout my life, I have been witness to too many unfortunate events

Listen Lucy,

Throughout my life, I have been witness to too many unfortunate events: the loss of a dear friend to a brain tumor, multiple overdoses, one of those being someone who was very close to me, and the recent death of a close college friends younger, beloved brother. Each and every one of these tragedies has, and continues, to tear me up.

These aforementioned tragedies seem to strike the most selfless, enjoyable, and happy people that I have ever met. How can that be?

It is hard to find answers to these questions, but for now, the only thing to do is carry on. Not for myself, but for others surrounding me, ones supporting me, ones that care for me.

In times of sadness, doubt, anxiety, and worry, it is difficult to keep on keeping on, but do it for yourself. Do it to prove to others that you are independent, strong enough to conquer the demons you're fighting while making the most of the life that you have been blessed with.

And Lucy, I have found the person who makes me realize how blessed my life is: The one who has been nothing short of amazing since day one, the one who knows I love family, and the the one who knows how meaningful a random call is on a day when you feel like you're worthless.

Though I have been witness to some of the most horrible tragedies, I have also been witness to some of the most unbelievable individuals, one of those individuals being you, Listen, Lucy. You're an inspiration, a role model, and a friend.

Thank you for being nothing short of amazing.