Today was probably my toughest day of teaching so far...

"Dear Lucy, 

Today was probably my toughest day of teaching so far. There is a theory that when you work with middle-schoolers in any area that they are so energetic and have a hard time paying attention. Apparently whoever made this theory did a phenomenal job with their research because it is spot on (I was probably a main piece of evidence for this theory). On top of that, when you work with the middle schoolers that I work with, ones that are incredibly disadvantaged, have been raped and neglected, it makes it that much more difficult.

Today was just like any other day; some students were driving me insane, others were making me crack up, and some were astonishing me with their amazingness (when you are a teacher its incredible how fast one of your students could make your day). But when I walked out to my car at the end of the day I saw that the windshield wipers were moving and my back window was shattered. Someone tried stealing my car from the school parking lot and ripped out the ignition! 

 I really thought this was going to ruin my day for a couple seconds. Then my students came running out of school furious about what had happened to my car. Every one of them asked if I was doing okay and if there was anything I needed. All of my teachers and the principals came up to me and gave me hugs and asked if there was anything they could do. I told one that I had officially been initiated and she responded, “That’s right! You’re not a virgin anymore!” (This made me laugh pretty hard). 

 Just when I was overwhelmed by support, my best friend left what he was doing and drove 30 minutes to pick me up and bring me home. My brother called 4 times to make sure I was okay. Another student teacher offered me a ride back to campus. My parents have done EVERYTHING to make sure that I am okay. My girlfriend, unaware of what had happened, made me dinner and had it waiting for me in the fridge. Then when I was at the library, two of my favorite people in the world showed up with a present of sour patch kids, sunflower seeds, and Reese’s cups (they know the way to my heart). They said they were going to put toy cars in it but they didn’t know if it was too soon lol. 

 So Lucy there are two ways we can remember this day. There was the one bad event that upset me for about 14 seconds, or there were the 100 acts of paying it forward in response to the bad event of the day which made me feel more loved than ever. Lucy, I think you are getting through to people, because before you existed, this writer never would have seen this day for the good. YOU have made me a better person and my life infinitely better! Thank you! 

PS. I bought one of my students a notebook and put a Pay it Forward card in it. She decided to pay it forward by drilling me in the back with a freshly sharpened pencil ten minutes later. Not exactly how I would’ve paid it forward, but who am I to judge? #acceptancemovement"