Today was a good day...

I have been working so hard on Listen, Lucy for more than a year and a half now. I cannot believe how much it has grown. When I think about the day that I started to post about Listen, Lucy and what the site looked like then, I am shocked for the progress I have made. Today was another progressive step.

Speaking to young people about my project is a goal I have had from the very beginning. Using my story and what I have been through to spread some acceptance,  positivity and hope in the world is something that has become so important to me. Slowly, I have worked to build my site and my “brand” to where people would feel comfortable with my ability to present this project to their students. Today, I spoke to two amazing classrooms about Listen, Lucy and #theacceptancemovement. It was awesome.

When I was getting my presentation together and practicing it in my car on the way to and from my job, I was having a difficult time actually talking about when I was really sick. This really surprised me. I think sometimes that I talk about it a lot and I know what happened, but I don’t really allow myself to think back too much into how sick I was. Talking about it in depth really brought some emotions out of me. Speaking to high school students reminded me of the horrible place I was in at their age and how far I have come. Like I say in my presentation, you should never forget where and what you came from because it helps you appreciate where you are now and makes you love yourself for how hard you fought through it—regardless of what the trauma or tragedy is that you have endured. Everyone has their own issue to handle and deal with—we should be more understanding of that.

In my presentation, I also talk about acceptance and how important it is. Accepting yourself and accepting others. I talk about how the things that I thought were “wrong” with me have now guided me to create Listen, Lucy and that you can make something good to put out in the world after you have been through a really difficult situation. I hope this sunk in with some of them. These young kids have their entire life ahead of them to do and accomplish awesome things and I hope that the short time I spent with them today helped them see that. I feel like I could do this forever and really hope that I get the opportunity to do so.

I obviously am head over heels in love with this site, #theacceptancemovement everything that Listen, Lucy is and has come to stand for in the short time it has been around. Just when I thought I couldn’t love it anymore, a young girl came up to me at the end of my presentation and said she wanted to formally introduce herself to me. She is only 14 or 15 years old. She seemed nervous as she told me she loves what I am doing and was so happy I was there today. She told me she hopes she can do what I am doing one day.  It was the coolest thing. I just may have helped her out in some way. Even if she is the only person that will ever come up and say that to me for the rest of my life—Listen, Lucy’s mission has been accomplished.

Today was a really good day.