Love is dynamic...

"Listen, Lucy,

Love is dynamic. There are ups and downs, but for certain the feeling of love doesn't disappear. The exterior may change, but inside, deep and true is love. 

With many faces, love is ever-changing-a sort of shape shifter. Let's say that one day love takes shape in the form of a heated argument ending in tears. How can this be love though? It's when you break apart the emotions on the surface that things become clearer. Beneath the surface is the heart beating with love. It's what makes us apologize, feel guilt and care about another to the fullest extent. 

But, love can also take the shape of an afternoon of fun. Let's say that love appears in the form of swinging at the local park-the swings we all know from childhood. Laughing and swinging higher and higher, leaning back and becoming a part of the sky. How can this be love? Love is pure bliss where we can let go and be childish again unafraid of being judged. We break apart the surface level emotions of happiness and laughter and beating below is the heart full of love.

Through ups and downs, twists and turns, love remains."