I worry. A lot...

"Listen Lucy,

I worry. A lot.

Some days more than others. Most days for little reason.

My worry derives anxiety. My anxiety, fear.

I have the tendency to overanalyze every little detail this fantastic, yet fickle life has to offer. I will read this piece 50 times over before I am comfortable submitting it.

I place more value on pleasing others than myself. I care more about how others perceive me than how I perceive myself.

I mask my emotions and insecurities with humor, wit and satire. I surround myself in a cocoon of materialism and aesthetics because it is a means of healing. I self-loath.

I worry about the future. I focus so much on the things I can’t control and abandon the things that I can. 

I am flawed.

I am aware of my flaws. I accept my flaws.

I am sure that many of your authors can draw parallels to how I feel. I want them to know they are not alone. I think acknowledging what makes us imperfect is the first step to perfecting our imperfections. Someone once told me you will never love anyone until you first learn to love yourself.

No one is perfect. No one thing is perfect. But the process, the journey, the steps we take every day to better ourselves and those around us are what make the imperfections worthwhile.

We are often asked in this world to look a certain way. Act like this. Wear that. We are told to measure our success and failures against our peers. Society wants us to be the best looking, wealthiest, funniest, healthiest, He or She we can. Don’t do you, Out do you.

Be Famous. Be Known.  Be Great.

I Challenge You:

Be Yourself. Accept Yourself. Love Yourself.

I remember participating in a lot of sports growing up. I vividly remember a particular coach saying, “There is always someone out there outworking you as we speak” “You do 30 pushups this afternoon. There is someone out there doing 40” “You run 4 miles this morning. There is someone out there running 5”I think this general concept of thought is powerful and can be used to remind ourselves what we have in our lives.

I hate my job. I can promise you there is someone out there without employment. I can’t stand my Mom. I can promise you there is someone out there without a Mother. I am losing my health. I can promise you there is someone who has days left on this earth.  Abraham Lincoln said, “If we magnified our blessings the way we magnify our disappointments, we’d all be a lot happier.”

Recognize your flaws. Embrace your flaws. Enjoy your journey.

I don’t dismiss those whose situations seem without reclamation. Those who have hit rock bottom with seemingly no light at the end of their tunnel. It is easy to sit behind a computer and encourage others to stay positive in the face of adversity, but it is another thing entirely to have to live it every day.

I encourage those who have lost hope in the good this world has to offer and struggle to find the positive within their personal battles to trust in the power of each other. Lean on those around you. Reach out for help. Be a beneficiary of the world’s love.

In turn, be a beacon of kindness for others. If we go out of our way to spread love and kindness to everyone we interact with each day we can make a difference in the lives of those who have lost faith and ultimately put their deepest and darkest days behind them.

Thank you for allowing me to share my flaws.

Continue to learn to accept yours.

Keep spreading the good vibrations. "