You visited and spoke to my class today...

"Listen, Lucy,

You visited and spoke to my class today and I thought your story was relatable. Currently, I am losing hope and I feel like I have no control over my life anymore. To start off, on Sunday my grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer. He is going down fast and I know he doesn't have much longer. I am in high school and just this past year I started having panic attacks where they have caused me to quit a job and drop out of classes in school because I could hardly make it through the day. I am having severe anxiety over college and I feel like no matter what I do I won't be happy. I visited a college and had a panic attack there. I am staying overnight at one again this weekend so I am anxious about that. My mom made me start therapy for it, but I have seen little results. I am scared that I will not learn how to cope with my anxiety before the time comes that I have to commit to college or not, so I will not make the right decision. I am also in a long distance relationship that I don't know I should be in. We used to be really close and skype everyday but now we barely talk. It started when she told me that she doesn't want to skype everyday. I felt clingy so I backed off. She has only asked me to skype once since that a couple of months ago. She also has a lot of health problems and she says that I cause her stress and that is a threat to her health. I'm all for her being healthy obviously but she hangs out with friends and seems perfectly fine now. It's just frustrating because I thought she would be here for me. She was my only hope for getting through college and my anxiety. And now it's all in question. I feel like every choice I make I am going to regret it in one way or another and I am completely lost anymore."