When I think back...

When I think back to how unhealthy and unhappy and uncertain I was when I was 19, I wish I could tell myself, “Push through it. Stay focused. You definitely are not alone in this. In the end, you are going to do something really cool with all you are going through. Trust yourself."

Unfortunately, I can’t go back in time to tell myself that--even if it would make it easier for me to handle everything. But, I can move forward telling other people these thoughts and that is exactly what I plan to do.

I could never have dreamed what Listen, Lucy would accomplish in under two years. Every day, I am blown away by the support I am shown and the beautiful content I get to read and share. I am shocked and so grateful that this is the ending of the difficult and, at times, unbearable situation I went through all of those years ago. I am so proud that I am doing my best to put something good into the world. I feel lucky that anyone cares what I have to say.

I have already gotten to meet and chat with so many inspiring people. I have been able to tell my story and share Listen, Lucy with complete strangers and gain their support in my mission to create a more accepting world. I have been able to read the most humbling, beautiful and powerful stories of ordinary people dealing with difficult circumstances and still doing extraordinary things. How could it get any better?

When I speak to different groups about Listen, Lucy, I talk about confidence and self acceptance. I tell them how insecure and down on myself I was for such a long time because of how I am wired and all of the things that were “wrong” with me. I speak about how my anxiety completely controlled me. I talk about how, now, I completely embrace who I am and am fully confident in the person I have become. By saying that I don’t mean that I am happy every day and that things are easy. Anxiety is a constant struggle for me and believing in my dream is a lot easier said than done on certain days. However, right now I am at a place in my life where I am ready to take the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken.

So, my big announcement:

I have officially put in my notice at my full-time job and am going to pursue Listen, Lucy as my career. I am going to be registering Listen, Lucy as a non-profit and I cannot believe this is all happening! This is the scariest, coolest, most exciting and terrifying thing I have ever done. #LucyTakesTheWorld— I know it is not the entire world just yet but just humor me, ok?

I hope you all continue to follow Listen, Lucy and what I am trying to do. Your support is overwhelmingly incredible to me. I can’t thank you enough for every kind, thoughtful, inspiring and even sometimes hilarious message I receive from so many of you. This will never get old for me. Ever.

So. Here is to hoping! Hoping that people continue to love my message of acceptance. Hoping that I stay confident in pursuit of my dream. Hoping that Listen, Lucy positively impacts peoples’ lives. Hoping that the readers and writers of this website learn to accept themselves, flaws and all, and see that we really are in this together. And lastly, here is to hoping that I can tell people who are going through a difficult time what I wish I could tell my younger self—

“Push through it. Stay focused. You definitely are not alone in this. In the end, you are going to do something really cool with all you are going through. Trust yourself.”

Thank you all for helping me make my dream come true!