They brought us to this country because they thought we wasn’t equal...

Listen, Lucy

They brought us to this country because they thought we wasn’t equal. But little did we know slavery was only the prequel. We are going to talk about the persecution of black people. We can go back 300 years, 100 years, 50 years, 10 years! Every 8 hours a black body lays in the street. They never gave us a chance to compete. We was freed 1865. We thought the world couldn’t be better. They never did like us. No matter how many black people they talk to in a day. Little boys used to want to be you. Now they wanna beat you.

Beat you that’s what they do before they ask questions. Martese Johnson concealed in his own blood for all the wrong reasons. Apprehended by the police, broken, bloody and beaten. I’m getting scared about leaving the house. Don’t wanna end up bleeding from my mouth. Tamir Rice maybe he still had hope in good cops. But all that hope died when they shot him nonstop. Media makes the black look darker. We try to make the black look brighter. They see us when we protest. Don’t wanna meet us when we at our best. Becoming doctors, lawyers and teachers. But instead, they see us dead, in jail, or drug dealers.

My name is Aiyana Jones, I was 7 years old when the police broke down the front door and destroyed my home. I don’t remember waking up from my dream that night. The pain I felt was slight. Then I felt nothing at all. I didn’t get to say goodbye. It’s unfair how they come and take. All the injustice built on our prayers & so-called mistakes.

I was asleep when I heard the screams and the gunshots that interrupted my dreams. My baby girl had goals, and a future. I keep going back to the time she was first born, ‘cause instantly I fell in love. You never imagine having to bury your youngest, but for a black mother, that’s your biggest fear. Burying them six feet under the ground while you can only watch through your tears.

And I can’t help but wonder – does God truly see color? And if He can’t recognize, then why can’t our world be so colorblind? He watches as we gain frustration because of indignation, and does he not know that racists are hating because we all have a different pigmentation? Does God know that his creations are split apart in different nations, that careless racists are creating dangerous situations that will be passed down for generations? I know that God is colorblind. But even though He is, those who are not have no care for the lives of our kind.

Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

We Still Matter.