Since I was in the 8th grade...

 "Listen, Lucy,

Since I was in the 8th grade I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I am now a senior and still struggle. For a while I had myself convinced I was okay and that I would never get that bad again, well I was wrong, very wrong. This year I for lack of a better word relapsed, I cut again, and began to struggle more with being just sad all the time. Most days I feel like I'm stuck in my own head. Like I'm stuck in a really long nightmare almost. I do not attend regular school because of my issues. A lot of people these days try to romanticize depression and anxiety, those are the people who have never had to deal with being stuck in their own head, seemingly with no way out. They have never had to deal with feeling like the only way out is not being around anymore. Lately, I've been hanging on to a tiny strand of hope. Hope to get better. Hope to not feel like this anymore. Although, I have this tiny strand of hope, a lot of times; I feel like it's breaking."