Nothing ever seems to come easily to me...

"Listen Lucy,

Nothing ever seems to come easily to me. No matter where I have gone in life success never came instantly. There were always an abundance of obstacles in my way. However, no matter where I have gone, success has eventually followed. This success is by no means a coincidence. It may sound arrogant, but I know that no one has a stronger work ethic than me. I have never and will never be outworked by anyone. This mindset is what has made me into the person that I am and is why I continue to stay confident in trying times.

Recently I was denied something that I really wanted and felt I deserved. I am able to act like it didn’t bother me, but deep down I was hurt. I was embarrassed, upset, and perhaps more than anything I was mad as hell. I kept my emotions to myself for a couple of days and reflected on the whole situation, and then decided to talk to my personal “board of directors”. My go-to advisor knows me better than anyone and has always been able to put things in perspective for me. They said “This is the situation where you thrive. You’ve seen this a million times, wherever you have been. You know how to handle yourself and what it’s going to take. Just keep being you.” 

Sometimes all it takes is someone putting something in perspective to make the biggest difference in your journey. Yes, this was a bump in the road, but it will not shake my confidence, rather, it will fuel my fire. I went back and read an email from this same advisor a few years earlier, it read; “It's not who starts out winning the race it's the guy who crosses the finish line first. I've been around a long time....## years. I've had my eye on you the last ## years. My bet is on you. I like my odds.” There is another mountain that I need to climb. The odds aren’t entirely in my favor, but I’ve been through this a million times, my bet is on me."