In the world today...

In the world today, not many strangers go out of their daily routine, even for a minute, to help, or even talk to someone they have never encountered before. People are too isolated, comforted by their material objects such as phones and computers, to even have a conversation with a stranger face to face. This is how we will fail as a society.

Its been a weird few months, major changes have occurred, some good and some bad. Through these changes, good or bad, I am still alive, still working daily to accomplish what goals I have set for myself. Some factors in your life may change, but always knowing you are alive and surrounded by ones who truly care about you helps tremendously. Every "stranger" has his/her story to tell, so be kind to every individual you meet, for you know not what they are going through.

Today, on my way home from class, I encountered an elderly women who had a few things outside of her second-hand shop with a free sign. I decided to stop and take a gander at the variety of things she had to offer. I began by saying, "Hi Miss, hows your day going?" In this very second, her eyes broadened and a smile as wide as rain came across her face. Just that one second greeting made her day. I carried on with her for a few minutes, walked inside to check out her store and the other things she had to offer. As we spoke, she began to open up a bit, explaining how her business was not doing well and how she had just finished chemotherapy. Her intention for the free items on the side walk was to create a give and take type deal, no money transactions, a pay-it-forward type deal shall we say? Though I did not accept anything from her, I told her I would be back in a few minutes. In those few moments, I went to my apartment and gathered a few items that were not used. As I rounded the corner with hands full, Miss Sue and I made eye contact, and she broke into tears. Her expression was similar to that of a child getting his/her first bike or pet. She was ecstatic, emotional, and most of all, thankful.

In a span of a short 20 minutes, I met a Miss Sue, heard her story and what she was going through, and I would like to think, made her day. By the look on her face, I would say I did, And in seeing the pure joy on the face of Miss Sue certainly made my day, and possibly my week. It does not take long to acknowledge other people. especially people as interesting and devoted and Miss Sue. Take a look around, meet someone new today, and make their day. You will feel phenomenal, trust me.