A couple of weekends ago my girlfriend and I were eating breakfast...

Listen, Lucy,

A couple of weekends ago my girlfriend and I were eating breakfast at a local breakfast place. Our waitress was AWESOME; she was hilarious, quick witted, and extremely beautiful. She also wore pink from head to toe and had no hair. She is fighting cancer with every fiber in her body.

When it came time to give her a tip, we decided that a tremendous opportunity to pay it forward. Then something jolted my memory; I knew I had seen this waitress somewhere before. After extensive research on the Listen Lucy Instragram, sure enough there was a picture of our waitress at chemo wearing her Listen Lucy shirt. This made me smile from ear to ear, and we added a little more to her tip, left a pay it forward card and were on our way.

As we were crossing the street I heard someone yelling at us to stop. I turned around, and there is our waitress running across the street, dressed in pink from head to toe and fighting cancer, just so to give us a hug. She told us how much she loves Listen Lucy and Jordan, how you are great friends and how she wears her shirt to her chemo sessions. She goes around during chemo and gives first time patients a little toy soldier to help them fight their battles. She is ALWAYS paying it forward.

We hugged and said goodbye to our new friend in what was probably my favorite moment of 2015. Without Listen Lucy, that never would have happened. So if you ever think you the odds are stacked against you or need a little motivation, please think back to this moment, because this was a life changer for me. Thank you Lucy, for all that you do.