Throughout the past calendar year...

"Listen Lucy,

            Throughout the past calendar year I have seen too much tragedy occur. I have watched people that I love go through things that I never want them to go through. That’s always the worst for me, seeing my loved one’s go through things that are extremely trying. I have even gone through tragedy on my own and I can’t say that I handled it with excellence, but life is about learning. When negative experiences occur it is easy to develop a negative outlook. However, that is not what this submission is going to be about.

            A saying that I read on an earlier submission quoted a very intelligent man’s famous saying, “Human beings are resilient”. This quote really touched my heart and made me start thinking about how amazing human beings really can be. Even if you just look at the submissions on this site alone; an alcoholic who is beating his disease with confidence and determination, a newlywed couple losing their first child and instead of living with anger, carry out their daughter’s legacy in the best way that they can, A young girl picks up the pieces after a break up and learned to love herself first,  and a girl who has conquered her anxiety disorder and created this website as an outlet for those going through tough times to express themselves, in essence to read stories of other’s resilience and find strength for themselves. This site breathes resiliency right off the screen and it got me thinking that amidst all the negativity around the world, there are incredible acts of courage, strength, resiliency, and heroism going on every single day.

            In my life alone I see a family man of integrity lose his wife after sixty plus years of marriage. He cries, he is allowed to, he should. But every day he wakes up and continues not just her legacy, but their legacy.

            I see a father who will do anything not just for his kids, but for anyone. His past is not perfect, no one’s is. But every day he wakes up and works as hard as he can to improve himself, improve his wife and children’s life, and the lives of the less fortunate.

            I see a woman who is recovering from going into cardiac arrest that is only alive because of a miracle take care of her husband with dementia.

            I see a mother who breaks her back for her children and her parents just to make sure that they’re doing okay.

            I see a young man recovering from two shoulder surgeries in five months, who has had his favorite thing in life taken away from him, show up to practice every single day with the same enthusiasm encouraging his teammates to be the best they can be.

            You see, there is always going to be negativity surrounding you, such is life. But there is infinitely more good in the world than bad, I truly believe that. We just have to choose to see the fact that human beings are courageous. They can be mean, but mostly they are kind hearted. They are resilient for sure. They are amazing. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and really see it."