The moment that you find out...

"Listen, Lucy,

The moment that you find out that you are going to be a parent is one of the most crazy, exciting moments in your life…We were ready.  Ready for the pregnancy.  Ready for the changes.  Ready for the joy.  Ready to be a Mom and Dad. 

Just as quickly as joy can fill your life, horror can consume it. 

For all the parents out there who have had a miscarriage, our hearts go out to you.  For all the would be mothers that have had to attend baby showers or witness their friends and family have children while putting aside your own personal terror.  We pray for you. 

We didn’t think it was ever going to happen.  Two years and three miscarriages has a way of making a couple lose faith.  The kind words, “it’s going to happen for you two” and “just keep trying” did little to restore that faith that was stolen from us. 

Throughout this disaster, we found each other.  We consoled each other.  After a terrible experience with a doctor, we were blessed to have found the most amazing doctor to have ever taken a breath on this earth.  She listened.  She let frustration and tears pour out so patiently before she offered her expertise.  She restored faith. 

14 short weeks ago we found out we were pregnant!  All is well and the baby is progressing beautifully.  As each day passes, we are one day closer to meeting our little bundle.  But we will never forget the past. 

This is our success story.  Many of you have similar ones.  Some may not have found your success yet.  Find Hope."