Sometimes, a tragedy happens there is nothing you can do...

Sometimes, a tragedy happens there is nothing you can do. You want to help or offer some words of comfort but your mind goes blank. In those moments, the moments when you think, “How will they go on? How will they get through this?” I always remember what my dad has told me over and over—human beings are resilient.

My friend Karie lost her child, Harper, only four days after she was born. Karie has been my friend for over a decade. We have been through a lot of different things together and we have watched each other grow up. We have watched each other fall in love, get jobs and get married. When she told me that Harper had passed away, my body froze. A million questions ran through my head as I sat at my desk and tried to process what I had just been told and to figure out how they were going to get through this.

Karie and her husband, Matt, are the most solid, impressive couple I have ever had the luck to know. To see how they have handled this tragedy has left me in awe. Not only have they supported each other through the hardest time in their life, they have chosen to put all of their focus and energy on Harper’s Heroes, a foundation they started in honor of their beautiful daughter. They have worked so hard, put in so much time and have had such an amazing turn out and outcome and I have never been so proud to know them. They have turned such an impossible situation into helping others in need. They have dedicated their days to raising not only awareness, but finances for Pennies for Heaven.

Karie and Matt are the definition of resilient.

I wanted to take the time to tell a story about an incredible couple, who I love so much—who have made sure their daughter will never be forgotten and who I am lucky enough to call my friends. I wanted to also help spread the word about Harper’s Heroes, an amazing foundation started for a gorgeous little angel. Please check out their Facebook page, read up on their efforts and help out and support them if you can. 

There are not enough words for Karie and Matt to truly know how incredible I think they are—they are not only Harper’s Heroes but they are my heroes, too.


Jordan Corcoran