I am trapped inside a bottle of my own emotions and frustrations...

"Listen, Lucy:

 I am trapped inside a bottle of my own emotions and frustrations. I have been told in the past to ‘let things go’ or ‘brush it off’ and yet the emotions remain. I hold things in. They dwell in my mind like an unwanted guest, reminding me every morning that they are still there. My days consist of internal debates about what to do with these feelings, but nothing is ever resolved. I am trapped inside of a bottle that is almost full, a bottle that is about to burst into a million glass pieces. 

When I lay down at night my thoughts race, replaying everything that is bothering me. I know letting things out would make me and the people around me feel better, but doing so is not always so easy. I retreat to quiet and secluded places to let my thoughts and feelings rest, thinking I am doing the right thing, yet the thoughts weigh me down like a ton of bricks.

I realize now after 21 years that this has been a problem my entire life, leaving me empty yet full at the same time. I have come to a conclusion that changes need to be made if I want to be the happiest person I can be. I have a select few people in my life that know how severe this problem is for me and have helped me along the way. They have made suggestions of how to deal with this silent struggle, now it is just up to me to make the change. 

Since April, I have made changes to let things out that bother me and let things go that cannot be changed. I have had a lot of support and still tend to struggle but it has gotten better and will continue to get better as I open up and release the feelings that weigh me down."