Drugs. Grasping you...

Listen, Lucy,


Grasping you.

Why can't you stop?

Why won't you stop?

Don't you want to stop?

Can't you see in my face that your hurting me?

Can't you tell your hurting yourself?

I choke back tears.

I want to cry.

I stay strong. 

For you. 

I can see you changing.

You body is different.

You don't talk much anymore.

I feel like your no longer with me. 

You ask for things. 

Thats the only time we talk.

It hurts. 

I want to cry.

I stay strong.

For you.

Years go by.

Don't you love me anymore?

Don't you miss me?

Your stare is blank.

Your body is weak.

I lose hope.

I cry.

I'm no longer strong.

Because of you.

I worry everyday.

Didn't you see the faces of those who died?

Not peaceful. 

Gone too soon.

Never got to live.

I want you to die someday.

Old, satisfied, happy, sober.

Your soul is beautiful.

Sometimes I see it peaking through.

I hope it peaks through someday forever.

I'll tell myself to stay strong.

I'll put on a front.

I'll try not to cry.

I'll think of you everyday.

You will overcome this.

You will get better.

I will see the real you again.

I believe in you.

I'm your biggest fan.

I love you."