Pay It Forward: What it Means & How You Can!

My dad has always taught me to Pay It Forward—to do something nice for someone with the hopes that they will do something nice for someone else in return. It is a simple idea. It is an important idea. It can make all the difference in someone’s day. My dad surprised me with these Pay It Forward cards that also promote Listen, Lucy. I was so excited to start handing them out. The cards are in Pittsburgh, Houston, Virginia, Ohio, Boston, Charlotte, New Mexico, NYC and have been taken to Italy and even Greece—now that’s what I’m talking about! Below are some pictures of my awesome followers spreading some kindness. Take a look through and email me if you want cards sent your way. Don’t forget to send me pictures of your good deeds—now go out there and make someone’s day a bit brighter.

Below is a gallery of Pay It Forward photos that have been submitted:  

If you would like to submit your photo to be included or want to receive some Pay It Forward cards that you can pass out, send an email to: