Host an Assembly

Jordan candidly discusses her battle with mental illness in a relatable, honest and informal way in hopes to have her audience disarm their defenses and open their minds to a conversation that needs to be had.

Jordan goes in depth about her lived experiences with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic disorder, discussing how life altering it was, and still is at times, and how hard it was to get people to understand her.

Through sharing these experiences, the audience is able to either learn about a struggle they may not understand or connect with someone about a subject that is uncomfortable to take on and difficult to explain. The goal in sharing her story is to help people understand each other and realize they are not alone. She focuses heavily on the topic of acceptance-- of others and yourself-- and how important empathy is in a world where we really struggle to be kind to one another.

While Jordan has her presentation planned out, she also is more than willing to work with any school to customize her presentation to fit the needs of the students/faculty that will be hearing her speak. She is happy to be a voice in the mental health industry and wants to make sure she is as effective as possible. She is super easy to work with-- and she wrote this entire pitch herself so you know it isn’t bias.

Assembly/Talk Reviews

“Sharing intimate details with strangers is no easy task. It’s even harder to do when you’re describing your most vulnerable moments. But that’s exactly what Jordan Corcoran does … and she does it well. Jordan was one of the speakers at NAMI Southwestern PA’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference in Pittsburgh on March 31. In her hour-long soul-baring session, she had the audience laughing one minute, and silent with introspection the next. The creator of Listen, Lucy walked people through her experience with anxiety and panic attacks - opening up in a way many people don’t feel comfortable. Jordan put words to the overwhelming feelings that many people cannot describe. She shared inspirational quotes from her website, and explained why she felt an anonymous outlet for expression was needed. She also talked about how she’s speaking at schools and sharing her story with as many youngsters as possible in hopes of reaching someone who may be feeling what she felt when she was their age. By sharing her journey, Jordan showed that it’s okay to talk about mental illness and that it’s possible to overcome. Jordan was charming and witty. Honest and personable. Her speech was met with applause, but her words represented a deeper reality for many. Our goal of the conference was to educate and entertain attendees. She did both. And we thank her for it”. -NAMI Southwestern PA

"Jordan’s presentation at North Hills Middle School was both informative and inspiring. Her ability to candidly talk about her own struggles helped put a face to mental illness. Students were able to see that they are not alone and that others may be going through similar circumstances. The Listen, Lucy program is a must for any school to help students understand the struggles of mental illness and promote a free, creative, and most importantly anonymous outlet to express themselves. Thank you, Jordan - Keep inspiring others!!" -Rick DerVanik, North Hills Middle School

“My name is Ryan Lehmeier, I am a teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools in Pittsburgh, PA. I was privileged enough to be introduced to Jordan Corcoran, the Creator of Listen, Lucy. Jordan has presented to many of my classes over the past two years and the impact she has made is remarkable. Jordan delivers a message that really hits home with everyone in her audience. She preaches acceptance, kindness and generosity. If I learned anything from Jordan, it's that she practices what she preaches. She has a very warm personality and easily connects with people from every walk of life. I teach in an alternative-education environment in an urban section of the city of Pittsburgh. The students that walk through our doors every day come from backgrounds and home situations I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. They're very hard to reach at times and can be quite difficult while in the classroom. When Jordan spoke to my classes, you could hear a pin drop. Her message is what the world needs more of, and she is a fantastic woman to get to know and work with. I would recommend every school scheduling Listen, Lucy to present and make a part of their school culture.” - Ryan Lehmeier, University Prep.

“I can honestly say that one of our biggest highlights of our spring semester was hearing from Jordan. As the programming chair of AEPhi at Pitt, we couldn't have had a more inspiring, enlightening, and motivating person speak to our chapter and share her story about overcoming anxiety and hardship. She has touched the lives of every group she has presented to and has taught us all about the most important thing in life: acceptance. Each of us has been profoundly impacted by her acceptance movement, and we all learned the power of paying it forward in our everyday lives. Our chapter feels that you are an amazing person who will continue to inspire others!” -Jolie Pepperman, Programming Chair in AEPhi, University of Pittsburgh

"The presentation Jordan and Listen, Lucy provided to NH Middle school was beyond what we had expected. Not only did she impact the students, but has received an outpouring of support from the parents as well. Her willingness to share her mental health struggles and experiences with the students is courageous and beyond impactful to our youth. Her message is important to the students, but also to society as a whole! Listen Lucy is an AMAZING, POSITIVE social media outlet for all ages to share and inspire others. Something we need more in this world. Thank you for being the amazing, inspirational person you are and being a champion on mental health awareness and bullying prevention."-Alisha Ravenstahl MSN,CSN,RN, North Hills Middle School

Host a Workshop

New to the Listen, Lucy organization, Jordan has created a workshop from her two books, “Listen, Lucy Volume I” and “Write It Out.” She has chosen stories from “Listen, Lucy Volume I” that discuss important topics that she herself, and those she has worked with, have struggled with while growing up and pairs those stories with her own lived experiences. Leaving these topics open for discussion, she continues the workshop with writing prompts from “Write It Out.” This is meant to not only help the audience process what they are talking about, but to show them how to use writing as a coping technique and how everyone has time to practice self care.

Workshop Reviews

“The Listen, Lucy Writing Workshop felt inclusive and productive. The team at Listen, Lucy provided thought provoking prompts + discussions that inspired conversations about mental health, emotional health, and connection. The workshop was a lot of emotional work while also staying light and funny. Had a wonderful time!”

“It was awesome! I'm glad it was a small, intimate event and I felt comfortable around all the attendees. I just wish we would have had more time. I'd definitely attend a longer workshop (even a day-long one), especially if the focus was on writing about anxiety. I feel like Listen, Lucy has so many resources writers and anxiety-battlers like myself could really benefit from.”

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  • Wilmington Area School District, New Wilmington, PA

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